New Instruments


Sonare is Proud to present a wide range of affordable and premium instrument options from Asia and Europe!


Hailing from Valencia, Spain,  Sonare is proud to be the exclusive distributor for Paco Castillo Guitar in Singapore.

With over 40 years experience in manufacturing hand-made Classical Guitars, Paco Castillo delivers premium quality at the best prices!

Find out more at the official website of Paco Castillo:


Sonare is also the exclusive dealer for Crown Piano, all the way from Foshan, Guangzhou, China,

Utilising the best European materials AND technology, assembled in China, Crown Pianos fuses the best of the East and West to provide top quality and high afforability!

Beginning around 2010, Sonare has sourced for instruments including Guitars, Ukuleles and Violins, with the goal of bringing in the best value-for-money student to mid-range instruments.

2nd Hand Instruments

Sonare accepts and sells 2nd hand pianos!


If you have a pre-loved instrument, call us with your piano brand, model (if available) and your address to arrange a no-obilgations consultation and quote!

Depending on demand at the school, response times from the music school may vary.

To find out more, contact us at 6547 3233/ 6547 3456 or email to today!