Sale Of Musical Accessories

Sonare offers an extensive range of Musical Accesories across Western as well as Eastern (Chinese) Instruments.

Most Piano, Guitar and Vioin neccessities can be easily located within our school while less common needs such as Guzheng nails and Horn reeds are also part of the plethora of Musical accessories offered at Sonare Music School.

Sonare strongly encourages all customers to check in advance and check with our friendly counter-staff if we have the particular accessories you might be after so as to avoid a wasted trip!

To find out more, contact us at 6547 3233/ 6547 3456 or email to today!


With a strong focus on affordability and value-for-money, Sonare selects its range of accessories from the best of Brands from China including :

- ENO : Metronomes/ Tuners

- AROMA : Instrument stands/ Tuners/ Guitar Capos

- LAWRENCE - Instrument stands/ Music Stands

- CASON : Tuners

- Orphee : Acoustic Guitar Strings

- Ziko : Ukulele Strings


as well as better known American and European Brands such as :

- D'addario (USA) : Classical/ Acoustic Guitar Strings

- Augustine (USA) : Classical Guitar Strings

- GHS Strings (USA) ;  Acoustic Guitar Strings

- Ernie Ball (USA) : Acoustic/ Electric Guitar Strings