About Sonare Music School

Sonare Music School has been an MOE-registered Music School since 17th May 1989. From her humble beginnings in Jurong East Central with 8 studios and 8 teachers, Sonare quickly established herself as a hub for other dedicated, caring teachers and motivated students at an affordable rate for the average Singaporean.

The educational ability, skill and integrity of her teachers were advanced and then maintained through regular teachers meetings in the school to discuss and share pedagogical issues, solutions and ideas on top of addressing administrative processes. This has since been the foundation upon which Sonare has built her continued success.

Very soon, the school was operating at its capacity with a long list of more students waiting to enrol. A measure of Sonare's quality was that this unprecedented popularity was brought about purely through parents' recommendation (word-of-mouth). To address this demand, Sonare expanded and acquired 2 additional nearby units. At its zenith, Sonare Music School housed a total of 20 studios across 3 units, with a list of approximately 300-500 students enrolled concurrently.

In 2002, Sonare Music School was invited to open an outlet in a brand new shopping mall, Compass Point, in the less developed Sengkang neighbourhood. Understanding a town was in need of a quality music education provider, our director seized on the opportunity and opened a super music hub with a total of 17 studios and a large reception space of nearly 400 sq ft. This was the genesis for Sonare to increase her retail ability importing a plethora of music instruments, accessories and music-themed gift items from the Asian region as well as Europe. Sonare is now widely acknowledged as a top-provider of music-themed merchandise.

At the dawn of 2012, to better address the needs of the layperson, Sonare began providing courses for MOE schools and furthered her popularity and presence in Singapore.

In 2013, to address the growing demand for music education in a now-bustling Sengkang estate and facilitate the advancement of her retail capacity, Sonare closed her doors on the now-mature town of Jurong East with great esteem and even greater memories of her successes as an educator and a friend to musicians.

Till date, the school has provided quality music education to thousands of students across Singapore at an affordable rate. Some have even grown and carried on the tradition of high quality teaching by returning to our school to educate a whole new generation of young musicians.

To provide our students with the convenience of taking Practical Music Exams within their living estate, we have met the stringent requirements set by the examination boards. Adequate space & sound-proofing of our studios provide a comfortable & conducive environment for examinations.

Being an Associated Board Royal Schools of Music (ABRSM) and London College of Music (LCM) registered Examination Centre, we have guided our students through these examinations and they have achieved outstanding results.

Today, Sonare maintains her humble roots, furthering the belief in affordable quality music education and making every effort to provide that be it through personally-sourced instruments, a wide variety of books, a range of affordable services or simply quality music courses.

Our current courses include Piano, Violin, Guitar, Ukulele, Organ, Keyboard & Music Theory Lessons. All courses are MOE-certified with syllabuses based on ABRSM and/or LCM.

To find out more, contact us at 6547 3233 / 6547 3456 or email to admin@sonaremusic.com.sg today!