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Sonare is an Ministry Of Education (M.O.E.) registered music school, meeting stringent logistical requirements and conducting approved courses, as well as offering credible and accredited examinations from the United Kingdom.

Sonare boasts 27 years of continuous business in Singapore's music education industry and has expanded and continued her success largely through word-of-mouth recommendation.


A practical and fair system

Sonare painstakingly arranges her calendar annually with the M.O.E. School Term holidays in mind, understanding the need for students and their families to take breaks throughout their demanding year.

Sonare offers an easy-to-understand, yet fair system of offering 44 lessons a year, on any day of the week; in spite of however many public holidays may fall on a particular day. Through this, students can pay a flat fee monthly with full confidence they are not shortchanged on lessons.



Sonare allows for students and/or families to take extended breaks from lessons through paying a half-month's reservation fee per rest-month to reserve their allotted teacher and lesson time. (Instead of simply paying a full month's fees to hold on to a timeslot)

Sonare offers replacement classes for valid reasons including illness (with Medical Certificate, MC), compulsory school events (with valid School letter) as well as compassionate cases. Sonare understands there are other valid reasons and assess validity on a case-by-case basis.

Sonare allows for students to try to re-schedule regular lesson times upon discussion and agreement with the teacher as well as administrative staff understanding changes in school curriculums.


Recognised and Accredited international Examinations

Sonare offers examinations by the Associated Board Of The Royal Schools Of Music (ABRSM) twice a year (Typically in Feb/Mar and Jul/Aug),

as well as examinations by London College Of Music (LCM) three times a year (Typically Mar/Apr, Jul/Aug and Nov/Dec).


Sonare makes every effort to ensure exams taken and qualifications achieved by her students are recognised and acknowledged in Singapore as well as internationally.

Practical exams are held in-house at our convenient Hougang location.


Performance Opportunities

Sonare understands sometimes there is no better recognition of one's progress than through exhibition and display.

'Sonare Presents' is a regular music appreciation series held at Sengkang Public Library, curated by the Arts & Culture department in National Library Board (NLB) in partnership with Sonare Music School.

Students interested to perform are actively encouraged to express their interest and will stand to perform in this public forum bi-monthly (once every 2 months).


Music Hub

Sonare sources for instruments specifically with her own students in mind, understanding the need for quality at an affordable price (Thus, mostly carrying lesser-known brands). Students can trust that they are getting excellent value for money anytime they purchase at Sonare Music School while the convenience of purchasing and learning from the same music school can't be overstated.

Sonare also offers a wide-range of after-sales services with established networks for instrument transport, maintenance as well as consultation.

Sonare offers a wide range of learning material, drawing from recommendations and requests from our own teachers as well as education and book suppliers. This ensures that even if a particular method book is out of stock, there will always be plenty of alternatives.




1 Sengkang Square,

Compass One #03-24

Singapore 545078